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  • Alex

    Russia created a crypto currency to replace bitcoin – SibCoin (Siberian chervonets)

  • NataliRus

    In Russia released the national crypto currency SibCoin (Siberian chervonets)
    SibCoin can repeat the success of Bitcoin.

    As a thanks that I informed you please send a money of this crypto currency
    My SibCoin wallet: SRVJfVgYieAEBWJAsX2okBxrM3knYaYpbh
    My Bitcoin wallet: 1CmY7pLyDTZPzXr7Uo5yE4RwuG7VrjLWiA

  • PanMen

    Crypto currency SibCoin (Siberian chervonets) was included in the list of Forbes. SibCoin can replace Bitcoin on Russian territory

  • Ivan

    Microsoft will support the SibCoin (Siberian chervonets) crypto currency.
    More information will be announced shortly.

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